Did You Know?

TRUSFINCO has a streamline process for opening relationships with clients, Executing and Supporting Clients transactions in the following areas : Bond Primary Issues, Account Opening, Asset Management, Trade Finance, Depository Services, Accounts.
Leaded by Dr. Arturo Herrera / CEO, with over 36 years of experience in Private Banking and a group of seniors officers , TRUSFINCO has underwrote over Eight Billion Dollars in Corporate and Sovereign Obligations also acting as Trustees for Governments.
TRUSFINCO is also active in Commodities Transactions and Commodities trade finance.


A) Application

Clients submit an application, supporting documents and executive summary for compliance. Once is approved by TRUSFINCO compliance officer a term sheet is drafted and agreed.


B) Execution

TRUSFINCO executes the services folowing banking standards, AML rules and procedures, completes the process according to the timetable agreed always keeping the client involved during all the steps of the process.

Our Target : Support Clients and Close transactions
We will help each client to match its interest with the banking standards, so each transaction can be completed following international banking compliance and settlement procedures.

We become client's partner during the process for the best interest of the transaction so to obtaing the final outcome according to the term sheet or mandate executed by the client.